How do I send money to a UPI ID (VPA)?

To send money to a friend’s UPI ID on PhonePe: 

  1. Tap To Contacts in the Money Transfers section of the app home screen.
  2. Enter the receiver’s UPI ID in the search bar. 
  3. Select a UPI ID of one of your contacts or tap Verify after entering the ID. 
  4. Enter the amount. 
  5. Tap Send

The money you send will be credited to the bank account that is linked to the receiver’s UPI ID.

Important: While sending the money, you only need to select the bank account from which you want to pay the amount, and not your UPI ID.

Note: Sometimes, due to an internal technical error, it may happen that the UPI ID you enter does not get verified even though it is correct. In such cases, try again in some time.

Learn more about where you will receive money if someone sends it to one of your UPI IDs.