Punjab National Bank

You can contact Punjab National Bank through any of the following: 

 For UPI/Card issues: 

  1. Select Customer Type as PNB Customer.
  2. Enter the account and contact details.
  3. Select Category of Complaint as Technology.
  4. Select Type as UPI.
  5. Select the Sub Type as per the issue you are facing,
    - If your payment failed but amount was deducted, select Amount debited but financial transaction did not complete
    - If you are facing OTP-related issues, select OTP not received/OTP related issues
    If you are facing issues with fetching or adding your account details, select Unable to fetch/add accounts
    - If you are facing MPIN or UPI issues, select Not able to do set/reset of password/MPIN
    - If you are facing issues with checking your account balance, select View balance not working
  6. Enter remarks and tap Submit.