How do I buy the Group Arogya Sanjeevani insurance on PhonePe?

To buy the Group Arogya Sanjeevani insurance,

  1. Tap Insurance at the bottom of the home screen, tap Health + COVID-19, and tap Let’s Begin.
  2. Select the Cover amount, enter your Pincode, select the family members you would like to buy this policy for, and tap View Plans.  
  3. Select a plan of your choice and tap Select Plan to continue. 
  4. Enter the necessary details and tap Save and Next
  5. In the Health Declaration screen, select Yes or No based on the health of the insured.
  6. Review the policy details and tap Buy.
    Note: If a family member is suffering from any pre-existing disease(s) mentioned in the previous screen, please remove them from the list of insured people. You cannot cover them under this policy. 
  7. Tap Pay to make the payment.

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