How do I pay through a payment request from a merchant?

At a few stores, you may be sent a payment request to pay for your purchases. You can pay through a payment request as follows: 

  1. Tap the payment link you’ve received through SMS or tap Pay in the pop-up within the PhonePe app to make the payment. 
    Note: When you receive a payment request, check the payment request details and proceed with the payment only if you know who the requester is. If you don’t know the requester, tap Decline in the pop-up. 
  2. Select your preferred payment mode. 
  3. Enter your UPI PIN or card details, depending on the payment mode you’ve selected. 
  4. Tap Submit

Important: When you receive a payment request at a merchant store, ensure that you make the payment within 3 minutes. The payment request will expire after 3 minutes, and the merchant will have to raise a new one. 

Learn more about what you can do if you haven’t received the payment request notification