Disclaimer and Redirection Terms & Conditions

If you see a loan banner whereby you are eligible to apply for a loan by HDFC Bank displayed on your Credit tab on your PhonePe app and choose to click on the banner, the terms of this Disclaimer and Redirection Terms & Conditions shall apply. Loans are offered by HDFC Bank based on their underwriting policies. The entire loan application process (pre and post-disbursement) will be managed directly by HDFC Bank without involvement of PhonePe in any manner. PhonePe shall not be liable for any issue(s)/losses arising directly or indirectly out of the redirection to HDFC Bank website (including any further redirections) or the loan application process, approval or rejection of loan application, disbursal/repayment of the loan and/or any other issues arising out of the loan product/application journey. All queries, concerns, and grievances must be directed to HDFC Bank alone. By clicking on the link to be redirected to the HDFC Bank website, you agree that you will be taken to the HDFC Bank website outside the PhonePe platform and that you have read and agreed to the terms of this Disclaimer and Redirection Terms and Conditions.