How do I pay for my order or booking on PhonePe Switch?

Once you have decided on your order or booking, you can make your payment using any of the PhonePe payment options. The available options are: 

Important: All PhonePe payment options may not be available on some merchant apps based on their policies. These apps are managed completely by the respective merchants. PhonePe acts only as a facilitator for payments, and will address any payment-related issues across all of the apps on PhonePe Switch.

To make a payment for your order or booking on any PhonePe Switch app: 

  1. Confirm your order or booking on the app. You will be automatically redirected to the PhonePe Pay screen. 
  2. Select your mode of payment. The available payment options may vary based on the merchant app you are on. 
  3. Tap Pay

Learn more about what you can do if your payment fails.