How do I claim tax exemption for my donation(s)?

To claim tax exemption for your donation, you need a certificate called a 10BE certificate. This certificate is given by the NGO you donated to, and is used to inform the Income Tax authorities about your donation. 

To receive the 10BE certificate, share your address, PAN, and other details over the email sent to you by Give or the NGO you donated to. 

Important: Share your details before April 10th of the next financial year to ensure that you receive a tax exemption.

You will receive the 10BE certificate through email from Give or the NGO you donated to by May 31st of the financial year. If you request the certificate after May 31st, you will be charged a penalty of ₹200 per day by the organization. For more information, you can contact them at [email protected] or +91 7738714428.

Note: The 10BE certificate is issued for the total amount you donated to an NGO. However, donations made to religious institutions are not eligible for a 10BE certificate.