How do I buy gold and store it in a digital locker?

To buy gold and store it in a digital locker: 

  1. Tap See All under Recharge & Pay Bills on your PhonePe app home screen. 
  2. Tap Gold under the Purchases section. 
  3. Scroll to your right and select the gold provider, if required. 
  4. Tap Buy Gold or Buy More if you want to buy and store more gold. 
  5. You can either Buy in rupees by entering the amount you wish to buy for, or Buy in grams by entering the number of grams of gold you wish to buy.
  6. Tap Buy.
    Note: The gold price that you see is valid for only 5 minutes and will be automatically refreshed. 
  7. Select your preferred payment mode and make the payment.
    Note: The gold you buy will be stored for you in a secure bank-grade locker until you get it delivered. 

Learn more about checking your gold balance on PhonePe and getting your stored gold delivered to you