How do I raise a delivery request for the gold that is stored in a digital locker? 

To get the gold that the provider has stored in a digital locker for you:

  1. Tap See All under Recharge & Pay Bills on your PhonePe app home screen. 
  2. Tap Gold under the Purchases section.
  3. Tap View Locker details on the homepage.
  4. Select Get Delivery and choose the gold provider (if required).
  5. Select a gold coin or bar from the options available or tap Explore more gold coins for more options.
  6. Choose a delivery address, or tap Add Address to add a new address and tap Confirm Address
  7. In the pop-up, tap Confirm if you’ve selected the correct address or tap Cancel to select or add an address. 
  8. Tap Proceed to Pay and select your preferred payment mode to make the payment. 
    Note: The live gold buy price is valid for only 5 minutes and will be automatically refreshed. You need to have a minimum quantity of 0.5 gm gold in your digital locker to place a delivery request. You’ll be able to get the gold delivered to your address only if you’ve purchased it from MMTC or SafeGold. For gold purchased from CaratLane, you’ll be able to sell it or convert it to jewellery in any retail/online store of CaratLane.

Your gold coin or bar will be delivered to your address within 7 to 10 working days from the delivery request date. 

Important: Please don’t accept the gold delivery package if you see that it’s been tampered with.

Learn more about tracking the delivery of your gold coin or bar.